T minus 59 days and counting. I decided to make my first post today instead of waiting until June 29th. I thought, “what the heck I’ll just kick it off now and post occasionally until I hit the road”. Leading up to my departure I will most likely post general tidbits about whatever comes to mind regarding biking, mental health and addiction. I make no promises about posting until June 29th. I would guess some things may be interesting to one group and boring to others.  One example is motorcycle maintenance and prep. My biker friends and family will understand how important the “prep” is for a long distance solo trip across or around the country. No matter how one looks at it 10,000+ miles is a lot of miles and anything can happen. So the last thing I want is to be in the middle of nowhere with a bike problem kicking myself for not doing all the motorcycle maintenance before I left home. So now that the bike is finally ready to go, I will break it back down this week. I’ll  go over all the motorcycle maintenance one last time <smile>.

Let me introduce you to Sarah. Sarah started out as an all black 2004 Honda VTX 1300 C. However, over the years she has gone through a lot of changes, but hey which of us hasn’t changed over the years. I like to think she/we have aged gracefully and gotten better with age. Sarah and have traveled from North Carolina to Canada to the Grand Canyon and covered most of the southern states. This ride is our first trek crossing the Rockies to the Northwest. I keep debating if I will have time to skip across the northern border to visit Vancouver.

Here are just a few pics of her different looks over the years. She has more mods than I care to list today. And yes I do all my own work except painting.


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